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Carillon Bell Tower

Built in 1975

The Carillon Bell Tower was erected in 1975 as a centennial gift donated by students, faculty, and alumni. “It is a landmark to signal the completion of our first century and to remind us of lofty hopes with which we inaugurate our second century,” said former BYU president Dallin H. Oaks. There are 52 bells in the tower, all of which were casted in Holland. The largest bell weight is nearly 2½ tons, or 4,730 pounds. Its clapper weighs about 87 pounds. The smallest bell weighs about 21½ pounds. The height of the tower is 97 feet from the plaza.

Cassette tapes are recorded from electronic keyboard and then set to a time clock and then played on the hour. The refrain of “Come, Come Ye Saints” is played and the bells on the half hour. In warm weather, a carillonneur plays a recital during the noon hour.