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Herald R. Clark Building

Built in 1952

The Clark building was originally constructed in 1906 as a wing for a new administration building and has served a multitude of departments since, including the Journalism Department, the Bookstore, the Post Office, and the Purchasing-Receiving Department. It currently houses the David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies. David M. Kennedy was the Secretary of the Treasury during the Nixon Administration and was also the Ambassador from the United States to the United Nations. The center is the focal point for the study and research of international affairs at BYU. It combines faculty from several departments across campus to provide a broad exposure to the various dimensions of international studies.

In addition to classroom experiences, the university offers students an opportunity to study abroad with over 206 study abroad programs available in 75 countries. This including 2 permanent Centers, which are located in London, and Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Center continues to be extremely popular with the students. The Center’s purpose is twofold: first, to provide students, scholars, and visitors with a unique opportunity to study the Bible in the land of its setting and to study Near Eastern languages, cultures, and history in the areas from which they derive; second, to establish cultural and service-oriented programs designed to benefit the Holy Land and its people. 17% of students study abroad during their time at BYU. Approximately 258 ambassadors to the United States from 104 countries have spoken on campus since 1996.

London Center

Jerusalem Center